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To Provide and recruit skilled, semi-skilled and manpower to a foreign employment company.

To provide detail information about employment opportunities abroad.

To Provide job opportunities to Nepalese youths in a foreign country permitted by the Nepal Government.

Prefessional Manpower

Engineers, Chartered Management Accounts, Banking Specialits

Semi Skilled Manpower

Semi skilled, Electrical Helpers, Mechanic Helpers, Carpenters, Shutters, Mason Helpers & Concrete Mixer Operators, Pump Operators & helpers Block Makers & helpers, Laundary Men & Washer Men etc.

Skilled Manpower

Junior Engineers, technicas in Engineering, Plant Operators, Electrical, Mechanical & Civil Earth, Supervisors, Overseers & Estimators, Carpanters, Cabinet makers, Masons, tile Fixer & palster etc

Unskilled Manpower

Laborers , Cleaners, Sweepers, Watchman & Guards, Agriculture Laborers & Farmers, Industrial Laborers, peons & office boys, Airport loaders etc.

Why Recruit Nepalese ? According to International Survey, On an Avrage,31% of Employers worldwide are unable to find native talent ideal for their vacancies.The Problem, according to the survey, is not the lack of talent. This talent mismatch' issue has become a global concern, and has compelled originations to outsources Suitable talent from other countries. and when it comes to the need for outsourcing skilled manpower, by far, Nepal ops the list. for manpower outsourcing, Nepal is the global favorite, for reasons more than one.