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Nepal has four majer seasons. 1. Winter (Desember-February) 2. Spring (March-May) 3.Summer (June-August) 4. Autumn (September-November)
Division :- 5 Development Regions, 14 Zones, 75 Districts .Capital:-Kathmandu

Corrency:- Rupee

Occupation:- Agriculture 81%, Industry 3% Service 11% and others 5%.

Knowing Nepal

Nepal is a small mountainous country in South Asia with a total area of 147,181 square kilometers much of which is covered by the Himalayas, where seven of the world's highest mountain peaks are found. It is a landlocked country, with Tibet (China) on its northern and India on its southern, eastern and western frontier. Nepal has a diverse landscape with the highest, snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas on the north, to green hills and valleys and then to the plains on the south. It has an equally diverse culture with more than a dozen ethnic groups that speak a multitude of different languages and local dialects..

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia with 31% of the population still living under the poverty line. Tourism, the remittance generated from overseas employment and foreign aid are vital to sustaining the Nepalese economy, the country is also dependent on trade with neighboring India.

Secnario of Nepal

Mount Everest
Lumbini Buddha Birth Place
Kathmandu Darbar Squer